Bank of the Future consists of four sessions, to be held across three weeks in November 2020.

  • Session 1
    Monday, 2 November: 2-4pm (GMT)
    Led by Professor Andrew Stephen and Dr. Felipe Thomaz

    Customers in a digital-first, AI-enabled world

    How can banking and financial services organisations increase the value of their customers – those who are and always will be key strategic assets? Professor Andrew Stephen and Dr. Felipe Thomaz will explore how to build stronger customer relationships and brands and develop greater customer trust. Introducing new ways of thinking about customer data, advanced analytics, and AI can be used, this session will also consider some of the pitfalls organisations should look out for.

  • Session 2
    Tuesday, 10 November: 2-4pm (GMT)
    Led by Professor Andrew Stephen and Professor Pinar Ozcan

    Platforms, innovation and new technologies in banking

    Tech-driven innovations have been impacting banking and financial services in recent years, including the rise of platform business models and Fintechs. In this session, Professor Ozcan and Professor Stephen illuminate this digital disruption, diving into specific innovation examples from mobile and open banking. They will also provide perspectives on the advantages and challenges of both incumbents and disruptors when it comes to digital disruption and platform-based competition.

  • Session 3
    Thursday, 12 November: 2-4pm (GMT)
    Led by Professor Andrew Stephen and Dr. Jonathan Trevor

    Strategic alignment

    ‘The best-aligned enterprises are the best performing.’ In this session, Dr. Trevor provides a blueprint for how strategic alignment can be effectively developed, implemented and sustained. Drawing upon active research at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School, the session also provides practical case studies and evidence-based insights to help leaders improve their alignment and enterprise performance.

  • Session 4
    Wednesday, 18 November: 2-4pm (GMT)
    Led by Professor Andrew Stephen and to include special panel discussion

    Beyond the bank of the future

    Consider your business imperatives even further into the future with Professor Stephen and a special panel discussion with Oxford Trust Fellow, Rachel Botsman and former CEO, Hamish Taylor. Which of the topics covered throughout the programme are higher or lower priorities for your organisation? What other topics will become important? Which technologies should be ‘on your radar’? In this session we investigate further what comes next for your organisation.